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Product Description

Choose An Eco-Friendly Toothbrush and contribute to greener environment


The benefits of bamboo toothbrush

- It reduces the environmental pollution and plastic waste in our oceans.
- It uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo.
- The antibacterial properties of bamboo allows cultivating the plant without using toxics.
- Protects marine life


Naturally Antifungal

Bamboo also has the benefit of being naturally antifungal. Cutting boards and cooking utensils are constructed of wood and bamboo for a purpose. Unlike plastic, bamboo’s internal qualities destroy bacteria that enter its surface, offering long-term protection from harmful microorganisms.


Pesticide free

Bamboo grows in a natural environment and is completely safe to use. Toxic compounds are not used in the cutting or processing of the stems. In several Asian African Regions and cultures, bamboo shoots are edible and eaten. Bamboo may be cultivated repeatedly without affecting the environment because it is a plant. The stems grow swiftly and don’t need fertilisers or pesticides to thrive.


Encourage more sustainable living


"It's only a toothbrush, how can you change the world with just that", say numerous people and yes it is only a toothbrush but think of this... If you start and end your day in a sustainable way this might encourage you to make other small changes in your life in becoming increasingly sustainable.

Plastic pollution is an unsustainable waste of that resource and it has become an environmental issue. So basically, do you want to continue being part of the problem or are you ready to take a small step to reduce our collective plastic footprint?




Due to the nature of the bamboo, a recent study supports that bamboo toothbrushes have the lowest impact on the environment when compared to a traditional plastic toothbrush and an electric toothbrush.

As the bamboo replaces the plastic toothbrush handle this reduces the use of plastic waste once you eventually dispose of your toothbrush.

Safe and gentle nylon bristles


Our bamboo toothbrushes utilise soft nylon bristles which help to provide you with a gentle brushing experience. Therefore, providing less impact on your gums and enamel when you brush.



Significant Benefit

Bamboo toothbrushes may cost a couple of buck’s more than plastic toothbrushes, but the ultimate benefit to you and our beautiful world cannot be measured.

The plastic problem

You already know that plastic toothbrushes account for a global waste problem. Plastic is cheap, versatile and valuable resource in many ways. However, it has created a disposable lifestyle

Conventional plastic toothbrushes may seem insignificant one by one, but they add up quickly to increase our plastic waste footprint. They’re non-recyclable, which means that they most often end up piling in the landfill.

Plastic toothbrushes are made from two materials – a polypropylene handle and nylon bristles (both plastics based on fossil fuels. Their production is very environmentally-damaging, but they’ll also keep polluting our planet for a long time after being discarded.

Bamboo Toothbrush Evolution


People used rough cloths, salt, twigs, or chalk to clean the filth from their teeth before the toothbrush and toothpaste were invented. Thankfully, brushing systems have evolved, and we now have a variety of alternatives for dental hygiene. Because of its biodegradability, the bamboo toothbrush has become quite popular all around the world. A bamboo toothbrush includes a bamboo handle and nylon fibres or other natural fibres in certain circumstances that are just as durable as plastic and providing the same level of cleaning as a plastic brush.


The most well-known and well-liked benefit is that a bamboo-based toothbrush reduces needless waste while. Recycling, reusing or composting your toothbrush packaging and discarding has never been easier.



For optimal maintenance, it is advised that you change your toothbrush every one to three months. You’ll feel better about grabbing for that new toothbrush if it’s made of environmentally friendly materials.


Disposal of Bamboo Toothbrush

Time needed: 10 minutes.


Once your bamboo toothbrush has come to the end of its lifespan, it’s time to think about how to properly dispose of it. It’s as simple as following these steps:

1.    Remove the bristles

This should be fairly easy to do with pliers, but if you don’t own any, you can also snap the head of the toothbrush off.

2.    Recycle

Add the bristles into recycling. Note that you’ll need to put them in a larger piece of plastic you’re throwing away, such as a bottle or product packaging, to ensure they’re truly recycled rather than falling through machinery.

3.    General Waste

If you opted for snapping the head off instead, throw it into general waste.


4.    Compost the handle

Add the handle into compost or bury it in the ground. You can also upcycle it to label the veg or herbs in your garden!

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